Construction Insurance for Home Builders

Congratulations – you just got great new clients that are ready to build their dream home. Are you familiar with Builders Insurance and what it actually covers? Knowing what this unique policy can do for a client is key to best representing your customers as they take on this major milestone in their lives. 

A partially completed building is covered and insured very differently than a home that is complete and purchased or an apartment for rent. Enter Builder’s Risk Insurance – a special tooled policy only used when a building is yet to be finished. Some of the specific things covered are vandalism, scaffolding and theft. Depending on where you are located, your client may need to apply for earthquake or flood insurance as well. 

To see a complete list of what is covered by a typical policy, visit this site.

Builders Insurance is a temporary contract written for only 3, 6 or 12 months, depending on the project. It can also be tailored to only cover certain aspects of a building project. 

These kinds of policies are generally purchased by the contractor or owner of the land being used as the building site. Your city may require a purchased policy to show that the owner is keeping up with city building codes before any construction can begin. Make sure your client is clear on all of the language and necessary requirements before he chooses a policy.  

For an easy to read, client-friendly version of a Builders Insurance policy, visit this site

Builders Insurance is a necessary step any contractor needs to take before breaking ground on that new house or a spectacular high rise. Well-informed insurance agents can be the key to making what could easily become a high-stress situation and keeping it smooth and serene. Educate yourself about builders insurance today.